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The Krone Chronicles

Original published 13 chapter, 186 page edition of the book for $14.95 plus S/H

by Sam Harrison
ISBN 0-89865-030-5

This book, titled THE KRONE CHRONICLES, was eagerly sought out and enthusiastically published some twenty-nine (29!) years ago in 1981 by one of the most esteemed and respected publishers in the country: THE DONNING COMPANY/ PUBLISHERS of Virginia Beach, Virginia. They had great plans for it. It was going to be #1 on their list!

Because the book was so fascinating and well written as well as being so revealing about the Aliens’ plans, everyone at Donning was sure it would sweep the country and become a national, #1 bestseller! Book tours were planned! Talk shows scheduled! Enthusiasm ran sky high! Talks were going on for the book’s distribution in countries around the world! Negotiations were going on in Hollywood to make the book into a major motion picture!

But then — all of a sudden! — somehow, some way, very mysteriously, something very strange, very weird happened!

The book was suppressed! Ripped off the market!!

Everything came to a screeching halt! Everything stopped! The plug had been pulled! Someone had thrown a monkey wrench into the works — probably because the book tells too much! Reveals too many UFO, Alien-guarded secrets! And that was that!

(Think about that! This book, beautifully printed and published and ready to go, simply disappeared! For twenty-nine years! And if it weren’t for the freedom of the internet, it wouldn’t be around today!)

The book, already beautifully printed and ready to go, was shelved! All remaining copies were quickly pulled from the bookstores! The library bookshelves clear across the country were emptied. The movie deal in Hollywood was rapidly shut down!

(And think about that: the suppression of the book was so thorough, so good, so sophisticated, so professional, that no one, not even you, has ever even heard about it — until now!)

Well, to be sure, it is not a book for the timid or easily frightened. Oh, no!, it speaks of a danger, the Aliens’ agenda, a terrifying agenda, that we as Earth people, all of us — everywhere — worldwide — are up against. And yet, we, we humans, have known absolutely nothing about it! It is all very secret and very hush-hush, so much so, that even our own governments refuse to tell us the truth! And we, we humans, without our knowledge — or our permission — are now, at this very moment, totally caught up in it! (Maybe, this is why, someone, somewhere, wanted this book quashed. Wanted this book banned! And the truth hidden.)

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