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The Anatomy of a Flying Saucer

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Now available — fully completed, special-bound manuscripts of Sam Harrison’s new, and potentially award-winning monumental work, THE ANATOMY OF A FLYING SAUCER, are being offered to the serious ufologist, scientific investigator, and serious lay person for only…$19.95! Plus S/H

In easy to understand, every-day language, learn how the Aliens’ flying Saucers defy gravity — and travel here flying as fast as light!

How it’s done! How it works! (How we can build one too!)

Editor’s note: It’s not often that a manuscript with the potential of receiving a highly honored literary prize for literature and the almost-sure possibility of becoming a bestseller comes across an editor’s desk, but in all sincerity, with the advent of THE ANATOMY OF A FLYING SAUCER, I believe that happy and eventful time is here.

If that sounds like hype, it’s not meant to be; rather it is based upon the considered judgment and sound knowledge that a book which proves that man can indeed build a machine that flies faster than light and gives a fascinating blow by blow description of just how that is done…as well as solving — once and for all — the true mechanical reality of flying saucers for millions of, eager-to-know-more, UFO enthusiasts and investigators, there seems to be no other conclusion — this is best-selling, big-prize stuff!

For many years now the aliens have been flying their weirdly shaped, saucer-type spacecraft…and flying them — faster than the speed of light — from their unimaginably distant star system to ours through trillions upon trillions of savagely inhospitable, extremely dangerous space-miles for the sole and express purpose of reaching Planet Earth.

Does that sound far-fetched? Impossible?! And why the seemingly nonsensical, even idiotic, odd shape of their craft?! Consider this: if it can be shown that flying-saucer technology, even as strange as it seems, has “method in its madness” and is a functional, build-able, hands-on technology — something that one can “bang-on-the-hood- and-kick-the-tires”…then all of the above holds true; there no longer can be any doubt!

Here, in his exciting new book, THE ANATOMY OF A FLYING SAUCER, Sam Harrison does just that. He proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that flying saucers are mechanical devices, with a nuts-and-bolts design, and that therefore — they are real; that therefor THEY are here!…and that therefor we all… had… better… be… prepared!

This is a book for believers…and skeptics alike. It is a book that indisputably solves and provides the FINAL SOLUTION to the decades-old mystery of visiting UFOs by proving that flying saucers are — without a doubt — real. For every concerned inhabitant of Planet Earth, this definitive, soon-to-be bestseller, is a must-read book!

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