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A robust thriving group that ruled the Earth for tens of thousands of years. (After sixty thousand years, who slaughtered them?!)

For some sixty thousand years the Kingdom Of  Earth was ruled by Neanderthal Man.  Not too bright or inventive a group, they nevertheless did quite well for themselves.  Making little settlements, shaping tools, building shelters…and they hunted very well.  They were, in fact, so well adapted they could have happily survived right up into the present times.

But…about thirty-five thousand years ago, something catastrophic happened to Neanderthal.  They were obliterated.  Tens upon tens of thousands, perhaps millions of them — all of them! — wasted.  Gone.  Wiped from the face of the Earth.  How?  What or who butchered them?  Why?   For what reason?  It seems…no one knows….  No one can get a handle on it!  Hey!, it wasn’t any climatic change!  They had been roaming and living all over Earth in all kinds of weather!  It wasn’t an asteroid or comet hit like that that did in the dinosaurs.  But obliterated they were.  Every last one of them!

But then, quick like, taking their place, up pops Modern Man.  That’s you and me, my Friend!  Smarter brain.  Inventive way beyond need.  Artistic.  Creative.  Unlike the usual — nature’s way — there was no gradual evolutionary change from Neanderthal to us.  None at all!

Bang!  Zap!  Neanderthal gone!  Zip!  Modern Man is here!  Sounds deliberate…as if we were planted.

Whatever for?!

Then, anthropologically speaking, in less time than it takes to blink, strange things began to happen all over Earth.  It’s crazy.  It’s as if someone blew a whistle…and then, all of a sudden, all over the world people took it into their heads to build — out of rock! — pyramids (over a hundred thousand of them in Egypt and Mexico!) and Stonehenge, and high up, some fourteen thousand feet in the Andes, they built massive temples, monumental gateways, colossal walls, gigantic fortresses, even whole cities!  And out on Easter Island a thousand miles from shore they chopped and carved out hundreds of fifty-ton fantastic statues…and in Europe, thousands of megalithic monuments were carefully lined up and placed clear across the countryside from the Shetland Islands to the central Mediterranean!

It’s so weird.  Without any technology — even the wheel — they cut and carved and moved tons upon tons of rock, just to assemble it all together again, in some fashion or other, somewhere else!

Why?!  Whatever for?!

And then, as if the whistle blew again — it all stopped!  None of it makes any sense.  Some have suggested that ancient astronauts were responsible for all the weird building going on…and if they are right, we must ask the question: “Why would extraterrestrial aliens travel trillions upon trillions of savagely inhospitable, extremely dangerous space-miles to come upon Planet Earth, wipe out its primitive Neanderthals and have its improved people move around megatons and megatons of rock — only to take off and leave again?!”

And the answer to that is:…they didn’t leave!  The creatures are still here!  Hiding! Where?!  Whatever for?!  What the hell do they want?!  The answer is in my book.  Read it.  And then you’ll know!

Thank you for reading this.  Come back again.

Sam Harrison.


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