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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (After 36 years of trying, why can’t we hear anyone?! Is Earth being deliberately prevented from hearing others?!) Several years ago a group of scientists set up an organization called SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) expressly for the purpose of  listening to see if they could detect any radio messages or radio leakage from any possible extraterrestrial civilizations that may be out there.  They have used the very best equipment that money — millions of dollars — could buy. Using the ears of giant radio telescopes and receivers that can listen to billions of channels per second, they have scanned the entire heavens, in all directions.  They have listened day and night.  Week in and week out.  Year after grueling year.  And for some thirty-six years now, the messages have been the same — ZILCH!  Nothing!  Not a whisper.  Not a word.  Not a beep. NOTHING!  A veritable black hole of utter…and profound silence.

Understand this!  The best estimate astronomers can make using the famous “Frank Drake” equation is that there are approximately ten thousand (10,000!) advanced civilizations in our galaxy that are capable of  radio!  And yet!, we don’t hear a thing!!

Our own presence in the universe has been radio-signaled out ever since Marconi first touched down the telegraph key some ninety years ago.  That is, our radio leakage has been spreading out like an expanding balloon at the speed of light throughout the universe in all directions until now it reaches some five hundred, thirty-one trillion miles away!  And in that enormous distance, it has encountered, perhaps, some one hundred thousand other planetary systems.

Hey, it seems that someone out there would have heard us by now…or, much more importantly — and much more likely — we should have heard them.  Dr. Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, puts it rather clearly, “Where the hell is everybody?!” And, oh!, that is such a good question!

There is no doubt — none at all — in any informed mind that these extraterrestrial civilizations must exist.  That in our Milky Way galaxy alone lie, perhaps, some one hundred thousand other Earth-like planets.  That perhaps several thousand of these have developed advanced technologies.  That perhaps many civilizations are thousands, perhaps millions of years more advanced than we.  And even if a technological civilization lies way over on the other side of the galaxy, seventy-five or a hundred thousand light-years away, we have the technology to detect their signals or leakage that may have started out tens of thousands of years ago!  But!, the cruel, hard fact is, WE DON’T HEAR THEM!  NOTHING!  NO MATTER HOW HARD WE TRY!


Well, I’d like you to think back to the “Cold War” and of Radio Free Europe — the “Voice Of America” and the messages of freedom, justice, and hope that were beamed into Russia, and, indeed, into Cuba today.  These messages were simply not heard!  Not then.  Not today!  Jamming is the word we use for it.

Oh, I can hear your question, Dear Reader: “You mean to tell me, Sam, that we can’t hear messages or leakage from outer space because some extraterrestrial aliens out there are jamming them?!  Ah, come on, Sam….”

My Friend, that is just exactly what I am telling you!  Planet Earth is being jammed!  Jammed by equipment and technologies much more sophisticated than ours, but jammed is the word for it!  Earth is quarantined!  It’s blockaded!  There is something going on, right now, here on Earth that will make your hair stand on end!  It’s going on right under our pretty little noses and hardly anyone knows anything at all about it!

But, I do!

I know what the creatures are up to.  That’s what my book, THE KRONE CHRONICLES, is all about.  It’s a true story that I personally lived through…and it’s a story I urgently want to tell you.

Read the book….  Do it today!  You’ll then be one of those in the know!

Thank you for reading this.  Come back again.

Sam Harrison


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