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A weird tongue of the Reptilian Aliens!!

“Rayu se mache finesal trava. Bolay misa fren cucho…ka la pala.”

What the heck does that first line mean?!  It’s not a misspelling of common words, or words that I’ve picked out of a hat…it’s a “the-best-I-can-do” interpretation of words that I can now somehow speak.  When I do utter them they seem to convey some meaning, some thoughts, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what.  I’ve checked dictionaries, asked friends, even checked with a linguistic scientist.  No one seems to know.  Oh, the words, the sounds, seem familiar, but one thing is for sure — it is not a language spoken here on Planet Earth.

Some have suggested that it’s one of those religious things, like speaking in tongues.  Humn.  Maybe.  But, this I know for sure — I could not talk this way before I had an encounter with UFO aliens!

Coming face to face with UFO life forms can have some strange side effects.  Not all bad.  Hey, look, I’m just another guy before I encountered the creatures.  Just living my life like any average Joe.  Then — bang!  I come up with a couple of weeks missing from my life!  I didn’t miss them!  But everyone else asks, “Sam, where the hell have you been?!”

Hey!, I thought they were crazy!  But, then, all of a sudden, my mind started hulking out on me.  Weird memories came flooding back.  Like flashcubes bursting with light in my brain.  I saw strange, weird creatures all around me.  I’m on their flying saucer.  Talking with some of them in a language I did not know!  Doing things I could not do!  Learning things I did not understand!

I figured it’s time for the funny farm…but, then, somehow, some way, like syrup and melting butter spreading over hot pancakes, my mind started to settle down.  The light from the flashing flashcubes…lingered…and I could now see the creatures clearly.  They’re not all that odd, unearthly anymore.  Some of them…almost…human.

The things in my mind were starting to make sense.  I grew sure of myself.  I found that I was about ten steps ahead of the other guy when I was talking with someone.  For some reason the aliens had…somehow…boosted my intelligence — from a simple, country-boy mentality, to near genius.  And they taught me this crazy, alien, unearthly language.  Whatever for?!

They also gave me talents I had never had before.  Before, I was lucky to be able to write a letter home.  But now…. Well, my book, THE KRONE CHRONICLES, contains over ninety thousand words!  And it is not at all like most of the other, really old-fashioned, UFO books that rehash and grind out the same old story about some Guy spotting a light or some strange craft in the sky (God!, how many times do we have to read and reread that same old story!).  Oh, no!, this book is a real zinger!  A true story written almost like a novel.  Filled with mystery and cliff-hanging thrills!  Real flesh-and-blood people caught up in an adventure that — finally! — answers all of the UFO questions.  Reveals all of the alien’s closely guarded secrets.

Buy it.  Read it!  I know that it will be one of the most fascinating books about aliens and their reasons for being here that you’ll ever lay hands on!

Oh, yes, I went aboard their flying saucer…not for a quick spin around the block, but for two whole weeks. Two weeks which were to turn out to be the most perilous in my life.

Thank you for reading this.  Come back again.
Sam Harrison


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