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(Flying saucers pose no danger?!  Just who was Condon trying to kid?!)

For some fifty years now there has raged worldwide a continuous and continuing debate — some would say a downright fight — about the doings of and the reasons for and even the very reality of a strange and mysterious phenomenon seen in our skies; seen in every country and continent on Earth by hundreds of thousands and colloquially known as “Flying Saucers.”  This emotional controversy has engaged…even enraged — at times to the point of irrationality — almost everyone.  The average guy or gal on the street, top scientific minds and personalities, even select governmental agencies and committees.

For example, here in the United States a committee was commissioned to the tune of some $375,000 dollars and charged to determine — once-and-for-all! — the facts behind flying saucers. This was the notorious Condon group. Its conclusion: “…there is no good evidence for flying saucers and…if they exist (?!) they pose no danger nor are they a threat to national security….” Wow!  Excuse me!  But this is exactly like looking right-smack down the barrel of a cocked — and loaded — .45 automatic pistol pointed directly between your eyes — when one has never even seen a hand-gun before — and swaggeringly boasting, “Hey…I see no danger there!”

Many people are angry and blame the government for not telling them the truth behind UFOs, but the fact is this: the government — any government — knows little more about flying saucers than the average person on the street.  The world’s governments have been confronted with a technology — and creatures from that technology — so incredibly further advanced than we, that the governments are like Pygmies deep within a rain forest watching an F-16 fighter jet thundering over their heads…and who can do little more than mutter, “Wow!, what in the hell was that?!!”

Well, OK then, (and thank Heaven!) there is us.  You and me, Dear Reader.  We, the People. People from all over the world who have made literally tens of thousands of reliable UFO/Flying Saucer reports.  Some cases reported by individuals.  Many cases reported en masse by thousands.  Reports from skilled and intelligent military and commercial pilots, astronomers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and, yes, Indian Chiefs!  All of whom state it as clearly as it can be said: “Hey, I saw what I saw! ”

OK, then, the time for doubt is past.  And we — THE PEOPLE — must no longer bang our heads against the walls of scientific, or individual, or governmental ignorance, indifference, futility or downright stupidity.  It’s time we stopped the arguing, the bickering, and the debating with nit-pickers who refuse, or cannot see, the truth.  It’s time to get on with the job.  We, the People, know we are right.  We know what we see.  The truth lies with with us.  The answer lies in my book.  Read it.  It’s vitally important that you do.

Thank you for reading this.  Come back again.

Sam Harrison.


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