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For thousands of years people have told of the mysterious power of the pyramids.
(Is there really such a thing?!)

For some five thousand years now, people have been fascinated with, and consumed by, the mysterious power of the pyramids.  Stories have been told.  Books have been written.  Movies have been produced.  It just seems to go on and on…and on some more.

You know the questions as well as I: how were they built?  For what real reason?  How were those fifty-ton slabs of rock…quarried, carved, and moved.  And all without wheels!  From six hundred miles away!  How and why did the builders get that precise astronomical alignment? Why were the construction sites all located within 30 degrees North latitude?  Oh, one could, perhaps, understand and accept the few that were built in Egypt, but — Wow! — over in Mexico, and all within 30 degrees North latitude, lie over one hundred thousand of these huge structures!

Could it possibly be that they were carefully built by creatures with a secret agenda?  So secret that we have yet to understand it?  Is it possible that there actually is some mysterious force or power hidden within the structures?  A force or power that could serve the sinister needs of some, as yet undetected, evil creatures?  Well, Dear Reader, I can tell you for a fact — that yes, there is a powerful force there!  It’s a purely scientific force and one that no one, not even the brightest scientist in the world can dispute.  Mystery, thy name is gravity.

Pyramids, as well as dense-rock mountains, etc., concentrate gravity. Mass concentrations, or simply “mass cons” are what scientists term them.  But pyramids, with their highly specialized design and construction, unlike natural mass-cons, concentrate and intensify gravity much more efficiently.  So efficiently in fact, that they could well be called “gravitational greenhouses.”

As a glass greenhouse concentrates and intensifies heat, pyramids concentrate and intensify gravity.  The only difference being: heat goes up…while gravity goes down — way down!  There is, in fact, a much more intense gravitational field existing beneath the bottom of the pyramid and the center of the Earth, than found anywhere else.

OK, so what?

Well, My Friend, this so what: anything…or anyone existing in an intensified field of gravity will have its or their clock slowed down.  Molecules will become sluggish.  Atoms will slow down.  A human’s — or any other kind of creature’s — rate of breathing will slow; their heartbeat will drop; their metabolism will become almost nil…and their life will be extended longer…and longer.  This is, “gravitationally induced suspended-animation.”  And this is, not science fiction — this is, science fact!

Living in such a field would permit a creature…to be, to exist, to hide…for as long as it deems necessary.  For thousands of years if needed — until it decided the time was ripe for declaring itself….

Ah!, There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy!

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Thank you for reading this.  Come again.

Sam Harrison


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