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Alien abduction is a fact!
Wouldn’t you really like to know, “What the hell is going on?!”

Many people have come to believe that the aliens are benevolent creatures, kind messengers that have come to us from the far reaches of space to guide, give counsel, and help us find our way in a troubled world.  How nice!  How gracious of them!  But!, after having “met” these creatures and after extensive therapy to recover the memories, the stories some abductees report are horrendous.  They tell of brutal rapes, forced extraction of sperm, invasive and excruciating “physicals”, implantation of “tracking devices” rammed and jammed up their noses and into their brains, cuts and gouges in and out of their flesh, forced impregnation, and perhaps the most injurious of all, the most unkindest cut of all — babies! — from their mother’s womb, untimely ripped!

Does this sound like “benevolent” aliens?!  I think not!  This sounds like the work of extremely dangerous aliens.  Aliens that don’t give a damn for the human race.  Aliens that are here for one purpose and one purpose only: to satisfy their own needs, to take care of  their own problems. Yet, many of these abductees, these poor souls, report feelings of  “love” and “greater purpose and meaning” and “spiritual connection” with their tormentors after their ordeal.

Understand this!!

They have been stripped naked and treated like swine in a slaughterhouse with utterly no regard whatsoever for their humanity — their human dignity — and yet the aliens persuade them that…somehow…they have been “chosen.”

The facts concerning the aliens’ benevolence are these: the best evidence suggests that they have been coming to Planet Earth for at least several centuries — hundreds, if not thousands of years!  But!, in all that time there is not one iota of evidence that they have ever, not once, cared for or helped humans in their confrontations with epic disasters.

They stood by and idly watched as millions of people worldwide, men, women, children, babies! slowly decayed and rotted as their bodies, covered in filth and caked with vomit, ravaged with fever and convulsed with pain withered and died gruesome deaths as their bodies were savaged by the Black Death…the Black Plague. They nonchalantly flew around overhead totally unconcerned  as we savagely shot, gassed, bombed, burned, slashed and slaughtered each other by the millions and millions in World Wars I and II.  They looked on with absolute indifference as — systematically — six million human souls were herded like cattle into concentration camps, then starved and brutalized, and finally exterminated like some foul vermin in gas chambers.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, pestilence, disease, and old-age infirmities are decimating humans annually…much of which could be prevented or modified if only we had the technology.  Well, we don’t.  But they do. They are supposed to be much farther advanced than we, aren’t they?!

Even today, right now, at this very moment, even as you read this, hundreds of thousands of poor creatures in Africa, (you’ve seen them on television), men, women, children — babies in mothers’ arms — are slowly, excruciatingly, with flies crawling in and out of their mouths and eyes, dying that most horrible of deaths — starvation.  Gripping, gnawing, gut-wrenching hunger…and the aliens’ “benevolent” answer to this?!: they land in a rural African school yard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and unctuously chide the school children, “You should take care of your planet.”

God!, let’s get real!

The only “benevolence” the aliens have shown so far is: they haven’t, as yet, exterminated us all by blowing the whole place to smithereens.  Oh, they do show films and pictures to some of the abductees of some impending doom supposedly coming to Planet Earth if we don’t take care of the place, but then they expect the abductees, most of whom have been shaken to their guts by the experience, and will be considered by many to be “nuts”,…to calmly come home and deliver the “message”!

Wow!  Are the creatures really that stupid?!

Do stupid creatures build faster-than-light spacecraft?!  Wouldn’t it be a lot easier and a lot simpler for them to just,  just once, unambiguously show themselves and deliver the message themselves!  Clearly?  Right out in the open?  Leaving no one in doubt?

No, stupid creatures certainly do not build spacecraft.  Only very intelligent creatures build ships that can sail among the stars.  And therein lies a conundrum, a mystery: for intelligence itself strongly implies benevolence — altruism.  And altruism itself, the need to help the other guy, must be deeply implanted in any successful creature’s evolutionary history.  To survive over the millennia, to successfully compete, a creature must learn to cooperate with, and to help others.  Particularly its own kind.  Well, we are human and they, at least some of them, are humanoid.  They should want, even inwardly have a deep need, to help us.

So, logically, we are drawn to a startling conclusion: there ain’t nobody there!  No flying saucers!  No aliens!  The skies — they are empty!…

…OR: –maybe there is a reason.  They must have a reason!  A reason for their extreme reluctance to come forward.

There just has to be a reason!

There must be something…something…so personally urgent to them, that it  absolutely prevents  them from giving a helping hand.  They must have reasons that are so compelling, so absolutely mandatory, so absolutely necessary for their own survival, their very existence, that, as yet, they just can’t do a thing to help us….


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