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A mysterious object out beyond Saturn (Is this an alien space station?!)

Our solar system formed some 4.6 billion years ago…and every single thing here is natural.  Everything here originated here.  The Sun did.  The Earth did.  The Moon did.  All the planets, moons, asteroids, and all the rest of the stuff and junk and debris of our solar system originated here — everything, but one.

Some billion miles from us, way, way out between Saturn and Uranus and mysteriously tucked away — almost hidden — in an unstable orbit, lies Chiron, so named by its discoverer, astronomer Charles T. Kowal.  This is a very strange object indeed.  Only recently discovered in 1977, its true nature was not recognized by Kowal but was, nevertheless, hinted at by two other astronomers, Shio Oikawa and Edgar Everhart of the University of Denver.  They completed calculations proving — beyond any doubt — that Chiron is the only artificiality in this entire solar system.

That is, Chiron, unlike the rest of the solar system, was assembled elsewhere in the universe, and then — traveled here! Oikawa and Everhart note that, “Chiron, having a chaotic orbit, could not have been a member of the solar system from the beginning!”

Incredibly, this object has been found on astronomical photographs taken in 1895!  Astronomer Kowal himself asks, “…But if the orbit of Chiron is unstable, why is the object there now?  What is it?  How did it get there?  Where did it come from?!”

Well, Dear Reader, consider this: when we, as Earth People, have developed space travel and we come upon another little planet with people, the one thing we will not do is barge right in and holler, “Hey!, here we are!!”  Particularly if we have secret, ulterior motives in mind.  No, no!  Much better to put a space station in orbit out far enough from the planet so as to be undetectable…and then, carefully…and with lots of time…make our plans.

Could this be what Chiron is?!  An alien space station?!  I know for sure that they have one!  And if it’s been there for so long — and it has — whatever are the creatures waiting for?!  Why don’t they just come on in and say, “Hello, Earth People …welcome to the universe?”  If they haven’t announced themselves — and they haven’t — then the reason can only be…they are up to something they don’t want us to know about!  And I can tell you, from personal experience, that they surely are.  Oh, yes, they are — indeed!  The details are in my book, THE KRONE CHRONICLES.  Check it out.

Thank you for reading this.    Come back again.
Sam Harrison.


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  • nowimnothing


    It has been awhile since you’ve written this message so I would like to offer a few new ideas. Perhaps Chiron really is just a big chunk of space debris with a really awkward orbit. I mean, it’s not all that massive to begin with and could be easily influenced by the gravity of giant gas planets. And why would Aliens want to camp out SO CLOSE to us when they know our technology would sooner or later detect them?

    I think these celestial terrorists have been in control of something MUCH BIGGER. It’s had many names over the years.. most know it as Planet X or Nemesis. BUT NOW known as Tyche. (Read all about it: )

    Tyche is the big fucking gun of the Alien’s arsenal. It is well hidden beyond Pluto and lurks around the outer edge of our galaxy. It is speculated that Tyche is massive enough to offset the direction of comets and perhaps that is why Earth has seen mass extinctions in 27-million year intervals ( ). Perhaps Tyche is the all in one Swiss Army Knife for Aliens. Maybe it is our galaxy’s version of Plymouth Rock as Aliens came across the bowels of space in search of life.

    NOW what is going to happen when NASA proves without a doubt, that Tyche is real, is big enough to pluck objects out of orbit and throw them our way like dice in some crap shoot? I guess we’ll find out.

  • Michael

    Not and electronic communication major but The information tansmitted through the galaxy is processes through our solar system to man through Resonance. The genetic code is a resonance circuit paralleling the movements of the planets, the sun amd ultimately the whole galaxy. As Landscheidt states: ” I have hit upon the working hypothesis that the Sun always functions as an attuned gravitational resonance aggregate when the planets are clustered around the Sun in configurations corresponding to the oscillations or harmonic vibrations of the gravitational waves. Then the whole system vibrates like an antenna sensitive enough to receive gravitational transmission from the galactic centre.

  • Chiron is the House of Angels that work for the greatest welfare of all humanity. I’d think we should show them are respect. It’s a gypsum glass dollhouse of phun. See the terminal and datalog.