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Was Carl Sagan a liar?!
(Someone, somewhere, is sitting on a bombshell!)

Not too long ago newspapers all across the country reported that thirty top scientists, known as the “Mars Investigation Group”, believe that there was an ancient civilization — some five hundred thousand years ago — on Mars.  This belief is supported by two spacecraft photographs showing a sphinx-like face aligned with, and close to, pyramids on the surface of Mars.

Pyramids — on Mars?!

Oh, yes!  Furthermore, Carl Sagan, in his book, COSMOS, on page 129, shows a picture of them.  You can see immediately that the largest Martian pyramid seems to be aligned to true north and south — as is, in fact, Cheops, the largest Egyptian pyramid!  (Think about that!  How in the world did people — five thousand years ago! — know where true north was?! )  What’s more, the Martian pyramids all lie within 30 degrees north latitude — as do, in fact, the Egyptian pyramids!  And, as do, some one hundred thousand Mexican pyramids!

My Friend, this news is so staggering, so frightening, it must be repeated: on two different planets, millions and millions of space-miles apart, within 30 degrees north latitude, lie over one hundred thousand pyramids!  Why?!  Whatever for?!

More?  You bet there’s more!

There is an absolute, indisputable, direct ratio, a direct proportionality, a direct mathematical connection between the largest Egyptian pyramid here on Earth and the largest pyramid on Mars!  This is not fancy, this is fact!  (Check my book for details.)

Still more?  Oh, yes!  And you had better hold on tight!

Sagan put his book on the market in 1980 — but the picture he used of the Martian pyramids was an old — an eight-year old — almost unreadable black and white photo taken by the space probe Mariner 9 way back in 1972!  That means, Dear Reader, that he did not use the newer, in-color, close-up, highly superior pictures, with ten times better resolution taken  in 1976 by the much more sophisticated space probe Viking Orbiter!

My God!  Understand this!   Check it out yourself!

Sagan used some twenty-two, beautiful, full-color Viking pictures of Mars in his book, but when it came to showing the Martian pyramids — he did not use the newer, much better Viking pictures!  He used the old black and white one!


What was (is) in those ten times better color pictures that he didn’t show?!  Where the hell are they?!  Who’s got them?!

Keep in mind that the Viking mission was a billion-dollar effort involving some ten thousand of the most knowledgeable, most intelligent, scientists and people in the world whose main purpose was to determine unequivocally, no holds barred, once-and-for-all, whether or not life is, or ever was, present on Mars.  These people had in their possession the Mariner 9 photograph showing, or at least suggesting, what may be pyramidal structures on Mars.

Can anyone really suggest that this information — a possible artifact of a long-ago civilization — a pyramid on the surface of Mars — was ignored?!  That NASA passed up a chance to take its picture very up-close and personal?!  No way!  No damn way!!  If  the main purpose of the mission was to look for life on Mars — and it was — and if a structure on the surface of Mars suggested a pyramid, a constructed pyramid, I don’t know what in the hell else they could ask for to indicate life!  Do you?!  What?!  An Egyptian riding by on the back of a camel!

No, they took the pictures!  They have the pictures!  Someone or some agency has them!  Well, I don’t believe that Sagan was a liar.  Or a cheat.  If he did not use the better Viking pictures — and he did not — then it could only be because “someone” very high-up in government would not let him.  Would not even tell him that they existed.

Why not?!

Because those close-up pictures of the Martian pyramids must show something much too hellish, much too nightmarish, much too monstrous for the world to handle.  I mean, those pictures show the pyramids on Mars to be man…no, not man, but hand made!  They show those Martian pyramids to be structures that have been carefully laid down, huge rock by huge rock — by someone!

Believe me — someone, somewhere, is sitting on a UFO bombshell!

The above photographs dramatically illustrate the vast differences and clarities and abilities of the two space probes (Mariner 9 and the Viking orbiter) to examine in detail the very selfsame area of Mars.  The area on the left (rectangular inset, Mariner 9 photo) is exactly the same area as the Viking, high resolution, close-up photo on the right!

The pyramids of Elysium.
Mariner 9 photo.
The pyramids of Elysium
The missing picture!
ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE!In his book, COSMOS, Carl Sagan showed a full twenty-two Viking pictures of Mars — most of them in glowing, brilliant, living, loving color — but when it came to showing the Martian pyramids, he used this eight-year old, outdated, lackluster, black and white Mariner 9 photo!
The missing Viking Orbiter photo! Ask yourself: Where is the missing Viking close-up photo of these pyramids?!  Why are they hiding it?!!

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